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            A new programming strand selected by Curzon programmers

            For dreamers, adventurers, free spirits and curiosity seekers (or if you’d like to be any of these things).

            We know time is short so sometimes you just want us to cut to the chase - this is the gem you need to see - the film that will stay with you for days afterward or the cult movie you should have seen years ago. Or maybe its just time to watch again. From festival favourites to foreign language arthouse we will leave no stone unturned to bring you the most exciting cinema of the day. Join us on the journey.

            Voyager?tickets are £7.50 or £5.00 for Curzon Members.

            Where are you taking me?

            The Third Man Voyager image

            The Third Man

            Reissued for it's 70th anniversary, Carol Reed's murky film nior The Third Man?has a just claim as one of best British films of all time. Joseph Cotten plays pulp writer Holly Martins, who is brought to the city by a promise of work by childhood friend Harry Lime.

            But on arrival, it turns out Lime has died, and had made a bad name for himself. Yet there are darker truths hiding in the shadows, ones Holly risks his life in shedding light on.

            Wednesday 16 October | Aldgate | Canterbury | Colchester | Knutsford | Oxford | Richmond | Ripon | Sheffield | Victoria | Wimbledon

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