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            Curzon Membership | Film lovers, welcome home.

            For lovers of free and discounted tickets, money off food and drink, cheaper new release and classics on Curzon Home Cinema, invites to early previews, selected priority booking periods and no booking fees. Oh, and wait -a new subscription service called Curzon12 where you can see classic films completely free of charge included in your package. Is this you? Then let's sign you up. Film lovers, welcome home.

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            No Memberships Available

            Sorry there are no memberships currently available. We are aiming to resolve the issue as soon as we can.

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            Local variations to membership and definitions:

            • Concession applies to full time students and those of 60 years of age and older
            • Local rate membership available only at Canterbury, Colchester, Knutsford, Oxford, Ripon, Sheffield and Wimbledon
            • 'Events' include Q&As, opera, ballet and theatre broadcasts and other alternative content - Classic or Cult Membership free tickets cannot be used for such 'event' screenings
            • Free tickets cannot be redeemed online at Curzon Sea Containers
            • Booking fee cannot be waived at Curzon Sea Containers
            • Discount is not applicable for food and drink purchases at Curzon Sea Containers
            • Discount is not applicable for DVDs purchased at Wimbledon cinema
            • Discounted admission varies on time and type of screening and is never less than £1. Full member and non-member film prices are listed on each cinema page
            • Discount on Curzon Home Cinema titles is amounts of £2 for £11.99 and £9.99 titles and £1 for £4.99 and £3.99 titles.


            Terms & Conditions of Membership

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